A transitional style showcase project located in the heart of Hollywood at The Wattles Mansion.  The design’s inspiration stems from Elizabeth Taylor’s style that epitomized Hollywood glamor.

The space seeks to capture the legendary and glamorous heart and soul of this silver screen star, eternal romantic, beauty queen and fashion & jewelry icon.

The gallery educes a sensation of opulence and glamour while the bright color palette of chartreuse, lilac and various shades of gray dazzle the room in line with the enduring allure of Ms. Taylor.

The juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary styles in this space highlights our design approach to eclecticism as well as the goal of creating the impossible.

Wattles Mansion www.laparks.org/historic/wattles-mansion-and-gardens

Chandeliers and sconces supplied by the oldest French crystal makers – St Louis www.saint-louis.com/en/

Furniture by Baker www.bakerfurniture.com

Accessories by Christopher Guy www.christopherguy.com