Covet Collection: Get To Know The Capsule

Covet Collection – Design Editions offers highly curated capsule collections to create show-stopping interiors.

Those collections include furniture, lighting, and accessories developed in partnership with the world’s most creative minds.

Achieving a curated look is less challenging than you may think. Instead of everything being perfectly matched and within the same style, a curated look appears more authentic in the sense that everything looks less intentional as if it has been collected over the years, from different places and ages, embodying your taste, preferences and personal style. Isn’t it fun?

There is no exact science to achieve a curated look. However, here are some tips: start with a piece you absolutely adore and go from there; sometimes we get so focused on getting the right colour, shape and style, that we end up not enjoying the final result. Mix up accent designs and colours: think of complementing your decor instead of matching it entirely.

For example, try changing the two end chairs of a dining table, or apply different fabrics to the same model. Mix and combine styles: classic and modern, neutral and accent colourseverything can be combined in order to create a curated look more in tune with your taste. Don’t be afraid to take risks: train your creative mind to see things in a new light. Who says that a piece of furniture or accessory can’t be used for something other than its original purpose?

Covet Collection is actively and consistently developing the most complete interior design platform in the world – the place where interior design professionals will find a large offer in every possible style to make any type of project, thus simplifying the procedure of finding the right products for space, up to the delivery of the goods.


Who says neutrals are boring? Clean lines, straight or organic, and neutral colours are perfect elements when it comes to creating calm retreats. Functionality is key, with, for example, large modular sofas that can be altered without much effort to fit into the space they are meant for. And if you want to take risks, why not adding a pop of colour here and there, with bold accessories and furniture?


Fitzgerald Modular Sofa is a furniture piece of your dreams, rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure. Inspired by the shapes of Italian architecture, this piece proves art and interior design come together once you have the right eye for it.


Evaluna Armchair is all that and even more, with a wide and elegant foot, that perfectly complements the design of the upholstery used in the arms, seating, and back. Clean lines define the armchair as a modern piece, complemented by a play of both textures and fabrics’ armchairs!


Vinicius Side Table is hourglass-shaped and finely produced in Nero Marquina marble and polished extremes marble. The perfect example of duality and contrast.