Curtain color trends for all styles in 2022

Get inspired by these curtain color trends for 2022 that will suit any home!

Major changes are not always necessary to achieve a different room interior, curtains can often perform this function, in addition to their sun protection aspect. So let’s get to know the curtain color trends for 2022 that will suit any style.


Image Credit: Essential Home

Brown enters the curtain color trends because it is great for recreating calm and comfortable environments. Choose chocolate-like colors as they will create a super relaxing mood, along with light wood furniture, brown becomes elegant and powerful, complementing each other.


Image Credit: Caffe Latte

This is a favorite color for those who like a more minimalist style. It is one of the curtain color trends that bring more peace and lightness to the space, giving a sense of purification.
To give the space a more romantic look, just combine it with pastel shades and you get that effect. When choosing this color for the curtains we must pay attention to the fact that it is a color that gets dirty easily and, because of this, should be washed frequently. However, they look good with almost any color, since there are many shades of white that can fit in harmoniously.


Image Credit: Essential Home

Turquoise may be one of the brightest curtain color trends of 2022, as it sits well in any interior since it matches any basic tone.


Image Credit: Essential Home

This color has remained in the curtain color trends for several years, because it suits any style, more specifically the minimalist style and can be varied in the following shades: graphite, metallic, classic gray and pearly gray.


Image Credit: Boca do Lobo

After this period of pandemic weather, what we want most is joy in our home, and some yellow curtains can make all the difference, making you get rid of the most depressing mood and start the day in a more cheerful way, hence this color enters the list of curtain color trends for next year.